Wednesday, September 14, 2011


There are many things people will do for the sake of conformity, to fit into society. Every person is guilty of it. I "conformed" to my societal expectations by going to college. I "conformed" to the trend of technology by starting a blog. And I "conformed" to my Library Science class by writing a blog based around my library science assignment. 

It's hard to keep up to date in this class because of how much other shit I have going on in my life right now that are infinitely more important than school. "But Winston! (Not my real name)" You might be saying. "School is important for getting a good job!" Yes, yes it is. Not because it actually instills in you the skills you need to be more intelligent and a more capable person to ensure you get a harder job that provides better pay, but only because a degree is expected on most resumes. For that, and no other reason, I am in school. But, I digress. So I'm writing (Well, not yet, but I will be soon) this paper on the health effects of marijuana. It's to be a scholarly article. It'll be hard to find print writings that are up to date. There is a lot of credible medical research but due to the grossly overwhelming oppression of the machine, it's buried under bureaucratic bs and miles and miles of laws that serve no purpose other than keeping the current fatcats in power. Um, further digression...Anway, what I'm saying is, I really hope I can find credible sources. I think other than that, it won't be too hard. Coming up with a comprehensive thesis won't be hard either. I had better start soon, anyway. The deadline is coming up.

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